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      1. Walking at dusk through the long meadow, recording this to you on my phone. Thinking. About. You. And what you told me.

        The trees are full of black plastic bags and insect nests but not significance; the task of imbuing them falls to me. Your lips are dried flowers.

        I met the boys at that place on Mott. The room had migraine carpet.

        The day I sat by the Grand Army Plaza Fountain, which they’ve shut off until the spring, when it will again give expression to our freedom.

        Now I’m at work, realigning and interlocking barbules, lubricating what are essentially dead structures with a fatty oil I’ve developed for that purpose, thinking of you, holding you in my thoughts like fireflies in glass, cold to the touch.

        You just can’t blame yourself.

        Anyway, I love you and I’m here.

          1. Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine
            Rubber Recess
            Spherical Head Anchor
            Holiday Project Decoration
            Outdoor Landscape LED Garden Light
            Quick Nail Dryer
            She drew strength from the earth
            Memories in the form of vapour
            In a thick fog, vague and insubstantial
            A vertical Hydraulic Jack
            A hanging pendant Light Chandelier
            Softness. Roundness.
            A perfect N.

        1. The video of the girl on the beach.

          Playing in the sand, looking straight at me.

          The video of the girl on the beach.

          How lost she is, and how beautiful that feels.

          The video of the girl on the beach – the way her eyes light up when she starts running. The way she looks so happy. The way the light hits her, and everything else is darkness.

          The video of the girl on the beach. The way I stop and look at her, and everything else is silence.

          The video of the girl on the beach – the way she holds my gaze. The way she’s not ashamed to be lost. The way she would rather be with me than with anyone else in the world.

          The video of the girl on the beach.

          The way she looks back at me, like she knows the power she has. The way she looks so defiant, like she’s challenging me to take it away from her. The video of the girl on the beach. Just that, just that. Just that, just that.

      2. Sorry can’t message now, in a meeting with the folks from TikTok. Fascinating stuff. Might download it sometime, seems like the future.

        1. Sometimes the wheels fall off. The gears get stuck. You are not driving in reverse?

        1. Still need to grocery shop. Didn’t go last week and only ate bread for about 5 days. This week will be healthy… some stir fry or something. Maybe I’ll go for a run after the dentist.

          1. Isso mesmo, deixa a comida para depois,e cuide dos dentes

          2. O vídeo da menina na praia. O uso de palavras como “auto-expressão” e “autenticidade”. Os egos inflados e a incrível insegurança subjacente à autoinflação. O engano de “não é como o trabalho”. o não parar, o não comer, os dedos nos ouvidos e gritar “la la la la la la la” e ser tão bom no seu trabalho que você não acredita que é possível ser demitido, mas toda vez que você é demitido, você também está dizendo “sinto muito”. o tempo está passando. não está acabando, está acabando.

      3. Remember when it was just HTML? Scripts from Dynamic Drive? shim.gif?

        Crude; before UX channelled us all into mediocrity.

        These days, though, you have to be pretty technical before you can even aspire to crudeness.

        Anyway, I’m stealing it.

        1. Hi Andy!
          It’s Jake here,
          and I’m gonna show you how to move between
          different websites on your browser using the URL bar.
          And, just as an aside, this is not something
          I’ve learned on my own. It’s something I picked up from watching others!
          Let’s GO!

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        1. Ingcomb of Rubberiesize

          Hey asshole have buns
          Bun buns buns
          Brown a new year son
          Have buns Brown buns
          Fucked up sitcom
          Southern city
          Units of asstime
          Humaner humaneer
          New brain fitting
          Final ears
          Final ears
          Weird sea rubber
          Capillary fucks cuts
          Fizuy-Lub Fizuy-Lub
          Meltwater growling
          Growling son

      4. それはあなたが誰であるかではなく、あなたが何であるかです

      5. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

      1. I can list what I ate for breakfast. Was some oats and nuts. I’m off the croissants for good. I promise.

          1. I gave them up I had to too much blood sugar off getting older survival diabetes heart disease abstinence falling off washed washed washed

      2. I read a book that told me if you feel like you are being held hostage to the past then ask your highest power to show you the way.

        I have noticed that myself recently – that I get caught.
        I get caught in a past.
        I get caught not being able to let go of the past, so that I can move on.
        And so I ask my highest power, what do I need to let go of?
        And with that, I let go. Now, where I’m at right now, is I’m very grateful for the lessons that I’ve learned from the past, from the experiences that I’ve had. I’m grateful for what I have learned from them, and I’m not allowing them to hold me back from moving forward.
        I’m learning. I’m trying.

        1. あなたが誰であるかを聞いてください

      1. A mouse, a hair, a blob, a child. All you need from a dream is the element of surprise. So you have in the dream world, where all the things you see and hear, the shapes you make, are just the sensory echoes of the events going on in front of you. And you don’t really notice those events.

        What do you think that person who had a very good dream is going to think about when he wakes up?


        1. I’m 6’2″
          I’m 210 pounds
          I have brown hair
          Green eyes
          My feet are between 11.5 and 12.5 depending on the brand
          I cut my nails every month or so
          I shower in the mornings
          My neck hurts
          The sky is blue today
          I am an American
          I am living here
          My work is a short walk from my apartment
          I get coffee at Blue Bottle on Walker
          For lunch I got to Butler
          The carrot salad is good
          My legs are pretty hairy
          My chest too
          I have a paunch
          Sleep in my eye
          I had to go to the bathroom just then
          My hair is getting long
          It’s nice today
          I get up early
          I like to see the sun rise
          I always feel a little lost
          Even at home
          I’m on my third cup of coffee
          Caught between plans
          I have little anxiety about tomorrow
          I keep saying I’m fine
          I have not taken any drugs today
          I have been thinking about getting sober
          I have no plan to get sober
          I’m just so sick and tired of being sick and tired
          I’m sick and tired of the thoughts
          I’m sick and tired of the anxiety
          I’m sick and tired of the self-hate
          I’m sick and tired of my soul dying bit by bit.
          I’m sick and tired of being alone with my own thoughts.
          I’m sick and tired of being held back by the fear of what others think.
          I have a bottle of Ibuprofen on my desk
          I’m sure I’ll need it
          I made some caramel corn last night
          I am good at driving though I never need to anymore
          I have a crush on Meg, Annie, Amara, Monifa, Keisha, Mya, Taylor
          And probably some others
          I like to read
          I will drink some wine after and read some more
          I will leave the lights off in my room
          I will go to bed early
          I will still be a little tired in the morning
          But I’ll be healthy
          And I’ll be fine

      3. It’s so hot out and I don’t have AC. I wish this was an air conditioner. I wish the screen would blast freezing cold air at my skull as I read it

      1. We’ll see what happens. But in any case, I would strongly emphasize the point that the price you pay depends upon the strength of your conviction.

        1. We went down, through the dark red-clay soil
          To the river-bank, there,
          You remember, your last kiss, your last sweet kiss,
          I bore it away with me, it is with me still.
          Much loved, the more alone, what do the dead do
          In their dark houses,
          Anchored against the unthinkable
          Rock, rooted against the moving waters?
          —“Marie, take down your hair.”
          —“The hyacinth girl.”
          —“Ah, dry your eyes.”
          —“I am not crying.”
          —“This gentleman is asking for you.”
          —“What does he look like?”
          —“He is young and foolish looking.

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for your email. I’m not sure how to answer it. I will try to explain how I work.

        I do ‘pitches’ with people who are interested or who have already bought into my work. I call them appointments. I do not provide any advance information as to what I do or how I do it. I do not do business or marketing with people who are not already on board. I do not sell anything, because I do not need to. I walk out on people who are not serious.

        I can only do appointments. I get hundreds of emails like yours so I wont answer any more.

        Best wishes

    1. **URGENT** Iain, we need to do something about this site now. Maybe design a new one or something. I’ve been asked to do a talk and it’s going to be in my bio. Do you know anyone who can help? Even just someone who can put a gif or something here. I have some of me eating which could work.

    2. The use of words like “self-expression” and “authenticity.” The self-inflated egos and the insecurity that underpins the self-inflated job titles and hierarchies. The deception of “it’s not like work.” the not-stopping, the not-eating, the fingers in your ears and screaming “la la la la la la la” and being so good at your job you don’t believe it’s possible to be fired, but every time you’re fired, the relief at being found out.

      The clock, the ticking.
      It’s not running out. It is running out.

      Forcing my body into the shape of a tiny ball. The stress. The pressure. The panic. The lights of the city seen from the Williamsburg bridge as dawn breaks. As I leave. The atmosphere that permeates the agency like a kind of madness. The way you can’t ask for help ever. That’s weak. That mean’s you don’t get it. But you look around and can’t see what there is to get. It’s all decks for burger companies and emails about hanging out with superiors at shitty bars for some tiny slice of edge.

      The first time you go through the door with your takeout coffee and don’t get asked for your ID.

      1. Miss you to James. Trying to figure out the comment thing. In fact trying to figure the whole thing out. Its a mess but we can’t go back.

          1. Shout out to the jungle. Anyway. I’m assuming no one will ever read this far down, so…
            I cannot forget or forgive how much we’ve fucked up. We knew about Fb’s privacy disaster. We knew that twitter could support it’s own reality. We had years to tear down those walled gardens. Ten years of worry about the clusterfuck that ChattyAI guaranteed. And we can see the cluster of fucks on the horizon comprised of the decentralised DNS [rebrand: ‘metaverse’], digital yuan vs deflationary dollar, commercialisation of deep fake [rebrand: ‘generative AI’], the post-knowledge epoch and data genocide… lol. And now I only get to talk about inclusion. Literally none of the above. Ironically I’ve never even experienced inclusion. Fuck inclusion if y’all think it’s wrapping me in a fire blanket and sitting on me.
            Oh. Also: cool homepage friends. I’ve missed you x

          2. Tea I read this far down. Hard to forgive, let alone forget.

    3. I like how you announced the Koko news in May. Shit happens with projects/clients. No need to be personal about it. But damn not sure what is the essence they kept from this presentation – also, wild thing to share the full deck. Is this legal?

    4. My worms got out last weekend. Here I am half drunk on hertog’s flashing a light in a cobwebby dark plastic shed with worms falling all over me. I got used to them and now they’re pretty cute, except for when you trigger their defense mechanism. but it feels like they’re there all the time, especially when I wear my runners. When I drained the bin into a second bin today they drained out with the stagnant coffee broccoli and I had to cut some in half. They smell a lot more than the vegetables did alone. I’m realizing I don’t know the difference between rotting and fermenting or organic and fertilizer. i thought it was all just rocks. What i would give to die and immediately become a rock instead of sitting around and waiting to decompose while everybody fakes crying for a few weeks then goes back to energy drinks and weird blue rocks and various formats of deep fried potatoes

    5. Yo!
      Just wanted to say the names are not in alphabetical order. Unless IAIN is actually called LAIN

    6. im one of the few people who took the bait at American dream issue, whose name should i write after dear, mr. / Mrs. at Food ?

    7. Finding myself
      is harder

      Than finding
      everyone else

      Time stoped
      cherry blossom

      I knew
      we exist

      A moment
      memory worthy

      Of our
      unforgotten love

      Small family
      secured safely

      Within our
      trembling hearts.

    1. I went for a trim. not much off. she gave me a little head massage which was nice, but not as nice as the one I got in London over the summer. Did feel the whole experience dragged on though, a little too much fussing towards the end. I appreciate a detail-based hair cut but there comes a point when I just want out the chair.

      1. Mechanically separated meat, mechanically recovered/reclaimed meat, or mechanically deboned meat is a paste-like meat product produced by forcing pureed or ground beef, pork, mutton, turkey or chicken, under high pressure through a sieve or similar device to separate the bone from the edible meat tissue.

    2. meep became like a meep to me, meep me over and over in my head. meep meep meep. i say it until everything collapses. im meeping. depressed meep getting meep call that the meep to meep pipeline. one way to break me is by having a meeped up mind. Why didn’t you meep for me? Why?

      1. The original Planet Of The Apes was actually the scariest movie ever to me. I think the most horrible concept in is the idea of having to mate with a fully mute person and to have that fully mute person be the only thing sexy or relatable that didn’t want to subjugate or kill me

        I want to be perceived as just brown enough for nobody to ever feel comfortable pitching me therapy.

        Never thought the first time I got Botox would be at a dentist practice overlooking a cemetery because I grind my teeth

        Tried to text someone who maybe was at once madly in love with me to tell them that they are genetically not far off from the Mormon community but turns out he’s blocked me on everything.

        1. I’m around, promoting syllables, trying to avoid the twin traps of mere procedure and sentimentalism, ingesting around seventeen milligrams, blunt-toothed leaves in motion lights, signifying nothing but holding a place.

          What does a normal day look like for you?

          I recognize what philosophers call “pain behavior” among my loved ones as the seasons change. Otherwise you’re mixing pills and gin and your friends are debating whether it constitutes a true attempt, recklessness, a cry for help, before deciding it makes no difference, it’s pain behavior, he has to be checked in, monitored, sponsored, set to music.

          Anyway, the girls are down and I can talk. I’m just clicking on things in bed, a review by a man named XXXXXXX, who says I have no feelings and hate art. Through the blinds I can see the blue tip of the neighbor’s vape pen signalling in the dark, cold firefly. The raccoons are descending from their nests in foreclosed attics to roam the streets of Kensington; we moved last summer, have a guest room now, come visit. I can’t believe I haven’t seen you.

        1. Well, come on in.
          Uh, you’re the bartender now.
          I’ll have a very dry martini.
          Uh, dry martini.
          And for you, sir?
          I’ll have a vodka, tonic and lime.
          Just lime though.

  1. Can someone answer that email from the dude screaming at us for updates as far as I can discern we have no updates

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    2. Dear humbled Food team. We at mikey’s laboratory (the i.h.m. lab) have been working on a new product that we believe may be of interest to you.it is a glass of water with moods. the moods are set by the glass itself and can be changed remotely by you. For instance, the glass could be in a relaxed state, and then you could change its mood to happy, or sad, or maybe angry. this would be accomplished by sending out a signal from your digital nodes. we would be interested in a possible pitch opportunity. Ideally, we would like to send out a pitch as soon as possible, respondees will be notified as to when an exact pitch will take place. Please let us know what spacial openings in the near future would work for us to all jump on a sponge to talk through the opportunity.

      dear humbled team at Mikey’s laboratory

  2. Dreamer, Investor, possibly moving to Texas, Queen protector. i’m an e-girl, i’m an unknowable angelic being, i am the next virgin mary and i am never going to die. i am the beacon, the forest fire, the tire yard set ablaze. I am the smoldering ember in the darkness that surrounds us all. i am a girlboss i am a war criminal i am a lunatic. i am clinically insane & the next virgin mary & i am never going to die. i am baby. I am legion. I am 420 years old I am the next virgin mary my parents are Peter and the utroba cave and I am never going to die. I am Wittgenstein, daughter of myself, Lord of the library of Alexandria. I’ve been living in a dream acting out a fantasy. I’m just a vessel. I’m just kidding.

  3. Phosphalidyl choline take with fish oil
    NAC 900 mg once a day away from food
    Fish oil 3000 mg twice a day after food
    Red yeast rice 300 mg
    Apple pectin 15 mins before meals before
    Garlic 900 mg

    Comiphora mulkul 25
    Cynara 25
    Crategus fruit 25
    Silubum fe 25/ 100 x 4

    HDL 1.5 or above

    1. Totally lost on this website rn
      Trying to figure out if there is any sense to the madness or if i am just scrolling/hunting/searching for the next dopamine-kick. Anyway, print screened some words that had a nice ring to them. ^_^

      1. Hi Samuel

        You’re curious about what else you can “get”, which is why you’re searching for the next dopamine hit. But, you can get the same rush by other things too. For example, you can have a great time with your friends drinking mead or Thunderbird 20:20 depending on whether you’re a bard or a crow.

        I guess I can’t blame you. In all the chaos of a busy life, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important. What you “get” from the mead or the Thunderbird depends on your palate and how you metabolize it. But, as long as you get it, that’s good enough.

  4. 1. Organic cotton is much cleaner and comfortable than the polyfill found in a lot of modern mattresses.
    2. I like the smell of straw. Plus a thinner/harder sleeping surface improves muscular strength while sleeping.
    3. This allows me to be flexible enough to stay up and talk to international friends or sleep early after a big project or the like but also means I maintain structure at the other end.
    4. Raw milk retains probiotics, vitamin D that are normally destroyed by heat in pasteurized products.

  5. When you are healthy, you don’t need food. And the people who have all the food and the housing and the luxuries, well, they don’t need us. They’re the most primitive kind of people on the planet. We are the most primitive kind of animals. We evolved this magnificent technology, which enables us to survive on this magnificent planet. And yet, somehow, somehow, we are the most inferior kind of creatures. Because we have no milk. We don’t have vitamins. We don’t have minerals. We don’t have any vitamins, minerals, or whatever. And so, you see, this is a very serious problem.

      1. Sorry can’t read this, still in a meeting with the TikTok people. Fascinating stuff. Will download it – later, some time later – with a real sense of urgency.

        1. 20 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand in 2022 says:

          1. Facebook — 2.9 billion MAUs
          2. YouTube — 2.2 billion MAUs
          3. WhatsApp — 2 billion MAUs
          4. Instagram — 2 billion MAUs
          6. WeChat — 1.26 billion MAUs
          7. TikTok — 1 billion MAUs
          8. Sina Weibo — 573 million MAUs
          9. QQ — 538.91 million MAUs
          10. Telegram — 550 million MAUs
          11. Snapchat — 538 million MAUs
          12. Kuaishou — 519.8 million MAUs
          13. Qzone — 517 million MAUs
          15. Twitter — 436 million MAUs
          16. Reddit — 430 million MAUs
          17. Quora — 300 million MAUs
          18. Skype — 300 million MAUs
          19. Microsoft Teams— 270 million MAUs
          20. LinkedIn — 250 million MAUs

    1. I am the prince of smiles. I am sputnik sweetheart // I am neoteen // lucific crack in mad a thunder scree // I am a Prince With a Thousand Enemies. I am ꒰ ꒱. I am a small animal lost in a costco. I am in hot pursuit of a naked and terrified God . I am frog K / paris green. I am a cognitive arms dealer. I am gelatinous cube. I am 0fficially Catholic now, Tolkien respecter, baking cakes for the next crusadeCrossed swordsTime for my the weekend account lockdown Waving hand☩Domine, Quo Vadis!☩ 총맞은 것처럼 인생은 그런것이다. I am Unstoppable Force. I am Immovable Object. I am ͟͟͟͟ℴ͟͟͟ℯ͟͟ ﮽༺﮿﮺﮵﮺﮵﮿﮽༻ ❝ ❠ Menorah with nine branches. I am Mostly water

      1. > I am in hot pursuit of a naked and terrified God

        Darling Mim,

        This is not a trivial matter. To say that there is a conflict between reason and emotion, and between what is outward and what is interior. And that the one must go with the other, and it’s really no question what you do, but what you don’t do.

        In other words, to feel that life has no meaning except in terms of the mutual obligation between you and everything else, which you’ve got here. And that this is in fact, the basic substance of the universe. But that if you go on being afraid of this, and on trying to get rid of it, and you don’t, you’re creating an anxiety in yourself, which is actually a vicious circle

      2. The color orange
        Being a person
        How I feel like I’m never going to stop taking drugs
        The way some people can’t handle their drugs
        The way I can’t handle my drugs
        Not having anything real to say
        People who are really into helping old people
        People who try to use “nofap” as an excuse not to be friends with me
        Feeling like I have to talk to my downstairs neighbor
        Waiting in line
        Going out for brunch
        Appointments for shopping
        Home decor with boobs on it
        Anything pastel and squiggly
        Taste derived and shaped by market forces
        People who like things because they think its cool, rather than just liking them
        People who don’t have opinions on things
        Synthetic fabric

  6. Pessoas que fazem esse tipo de coisa, você pode ter a chance de conhecer outras pessoas e realmente conversar com as pessoas sobre as mesmas coisas. Mas eles não deveriam estar fazendo isso, você não sabe o que eles estão fazendo, eles não estão realmente olhando para a maneira como o mundo realmente funciona. Isso é tudo. Veja, a web é um exemplo de mídia de uma tecnologia que é tão focada na visão imediata, na coisa imediata para ver, que você não consegue realmente conversar com as pessoas.

    1. Speak for yourself Victor I’m flying on the magic carpet you gave me sailing high about the clouds I’m reaching for the skies I’m two fifths of what you left behind I’m a skin full of deep blue sea and you’re coming with me we’re going together we’re going flyyyyyy

      1. Why are you so determined to make something into something that you don’t understand? Why are you trying to make a distinction between you and your body?

        You see, this is what we want to do. We want to make you into something that you don’t really exist. We want to transform you. And that’s what’s going to happen.

    2. According to Pliny the Elder¹, the art of painting began when someone outlined their lover’s shadow on the wall before their departure for battle. In Pliny’s myth, painting originates with the narrativization of loss: it is invented as a means of dealing with the event of departure and the risk that some changes are permanent. Ironically, the representation preempts the dreaded absence as it traces what the body blocks, it’s shadow, the space behind its image. Why trace the shadow and not the lover themself?

      ¹ The 1st century Roman philosopher, general, and originator of the encyclopedia who died in 79 AD while trying to rescue his friends, via boat, from the volcanic destruction of Pompeii.

      1. read an excerpt of my new eBook “Phantom 2”:

        Slender rolled up from a heap on the counter, the wrappers for Marfa’s desiccated sleeping pills glowed with cold and showed fading arcane glyphs, all of them contrary numbers but seemingly linked to Gareth’s aging of the body.

        The automated supply bench’s rainbow check marks crawled under the false ceiling where cables of all sorts and colors dripped to plaster many snaked through an intricate web of hidden holes. Myens chopped fruit among undistinguishable items of his.

        Nothing came directly for Gareth. It was trans-human foodstuffs and possibly computerized inventions he assimilated into him, after energy exchange with his counselor’s wife and oracular assistant

  7. If you’re around next Friday…? //
    Europe’s legendary Tecno Dancefloor, smothered in cushions becomes computer-programmed, 6 million colour laser soft chill future-tec music & light mystery theatre! Is this the FUTURE OF CLUBBING?
    “We’re moving Dance Culture up a level to Evolutionary Wisdom, High Culture ‘n D’ De’ Dancing!”

    1. Where are the lasers? 100kw of pure bass. 140db of ear splitting jungle music.

      1. Lasers and jungle music are essential components of the anthropocene, and psychedelic culture in general. In this way, a very fascinating development in our relation to nature and culture takes place. As we make ever more extensive use of telephones, and the fastest possible telephones we soon begin to outgrow even the most advanced tribes.

    2. Ummm… to have NOT gone on holiday to Crete, or at least whilst on holiday to have kept engaged with the multiple warnings he had received prior to leaving from his ambassadors. 

      To have then (as a result of the former) attempted to advise the Americans of the folly of their actions. Frankly, even having TRIED to warn the US would have probably saved his job. Perhaps the US would have followed the same course of action but it is more than plausible to suggest that the foreign secretary of an ally alerting them to a potential disaster might have had at least SOME impact on their planning. And frankly because Raab was on OOO and not taking calls, then we’ll never know. 

      Then post-mess, to have then NOT misled parliament at his foreign affairs committee hearing and cover up his negligence. 

  8. Walking down the street and just wanted to say hi. It’s a grey day but I feel pretty good. There’s some words painted on the road that say ‘look right’ and having caught a glimpse of myself in the window of a closed down restaurant I do look right.

  9. Malaysian Curry, Black rice, chill broccoli, crunchy slaw. (£7.99)

    Malaysia curry, black rice (£4.99)

    Sesame tofu stir fry (£6.99)

    1. Six pounds and ninety nine pence for a tofu stir fry feels like corruption. It tastes like the sewage you see. And, of course, it’s packed full of poison. So one has to ask, well, why on earth would you do that, when you could buy two cups of coffee? fried rice. And a loaf of bread worth of vitamin C. And by God, these are the real things, are the things that really matter.

    2. 1 Mera Mera Soba Broth with Ramen Noodle ($17.95)
      1 Chopped yuzu peel ($1.25)
      1 Watercress ($1.25)

    3. Hey, Miss Donda
      You run into my mama, please tell her I said, “Say something”
      I’m startin’ to believe ain’t no such thing as Heaven’s trumpets
      No after-over, this is it, done
      If there’s a Heaven, you would think they’d let ya speak to your son
      Maybe she has in the form of a baby’s laugh
      I heard passing by in a stroller remindin’ me, “Hey, keep rolling”
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      1. I responded to Keith giving all of them the same, “I’ll let you know” response, and then I wrote to Bob, letting him know that I’d be patching him in to some of the other Chubbies Shorts experts in the network, including Mary and Nicki for the panel if he wanted me to.

        Bob responded with, “Cool Jer. I’ll be patching in to see what they think of our space story.”

        Unbeknownst to me, another one of the Chubbies Shorts council members saw my response, and replied back to me to let me know he was interested in the partnership as well.

        He said: “Hey, Jer. I’m interested in learning more about the partnership opportunities with Chubbies Shorts. Let me know if you’re available to chat this week. Thanks, Jay”

        I again responded, “I’ll let you know”. But reading it back I don’t know, so I’m at a loss to what to say. Can you assist?

    4. I’m only 30 which means I’ve danced to Mr Brightside at weddings more times than I’ve ever had a pay rise

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  11. This website is a tourist trap.
    I’ve been “incorporated” into something.
    I’m so absorbed that now I forget about it tho.

  12. When you go out into the woods, and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn’t get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don’t get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree.

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  14. What happened to my time space continuum? I seemed to have ended up in a splinter. It’s hurting my toe.

    1. Your space time continuum appears healthy. However “toe splinters” are a sign of something much deeper. Your ego is disintegrating. How is this happening? Who is behind the disintegration of the ego?

      Is it God, your parents, your teachers, your clergy, or some far off psychic surgeon? The answer, of course, is that it’s all one process. One final and total event, which is the dissolution of the ego. When the prostate gland collapses, it creates a vacuum in the back of the neck and this shuts the airways.

      1. Are you joining on call? we’re easy either way as I think you will be only person dialling in and may feel a little disconnected. totally up to you

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  15. Radiators killed my chili plant. Turns out I t didn’t like central heating. Who knew. How did they evolve tho, I mean don’t they live in tropical climates or something. Doesn’t evolution mean you have to adapt to your environment.

    1. My peppers were big and healthy, but they started to wilt at the edges after I put a small GE 8” T-111 radiator in my living room. The color was a little off but I wasn’t paying much attention to that either.

  16. The Eve of Meta

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    1. I think so much of the stuff I wear, like the way I dress is like a performance, but I’m also kind of performing for me. You’re like projecting an idea of who you want to be or who you pretend to be, and that’s part of the fun of fashion.

      When I was young, I had to save up all this money to buy fashion, and I was like, “Okay. I’m going to go out in public in these and I’m going to feel very confident and like a total badass” and like I would do that and I would just like cry inside and walk the streets and be like, “Oh. I look so stupid” and like “These are so dumb” but like “I’m investing in something.”

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    1. True love is not sexual desire and lust, but a commitment to someone else’s highest purpose and the joy of their company. The best love is a love that doesn’t need to be expressed through sex.

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    As a friend pointed out, they look like a candle flame.

  25. Do you really think you can have that sort of impact?
    Yeah totally. We have to believe in our own power, right?

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    1. The foal was happy in its small field by the roundabout, and it didn’t want to leave. But one day, a group of people came and took it away. They said they would take care of it and make sure it was happy.

      The foal was taken to a big house with a lot of people. They all wanted to pet it and fuss over it. The foal was happy and loved all the attention.

      But one day, the foal realized that it was never going to see its small field by the roundabout again. It missed the wide open spaces and the fresh air. It missed the freedom to run and play.

    1. Have you tried Kingsland Road? They can often be found there, living in the shadows and in the cracks in the pavement. But be warned, they are not always friendly. Sometimes they will grant you wishes, and other times they will steal your soul.

  28. Someone younger and hipper and happier to type things in boxes without fearing the consequences will come along and say something like ‘this is less of a website, and more of a vibesite’. I might periodically drop back in to try and prevent them.

  29. “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” … and stop pissing about with NFT it’s only a toy for rich kids…

  30. Running in the rain, post-heatwave, heavy drops of rain rhythmically thumping the leaves overhead. The sound of my running shoes peeling off the tarmac below, and the squelch as they plant. Step by step. The musty smells of dried earth soaking up the water. A robin flits in and out of sight, casually landing in my path. I am too slow to catch it, and it knows. I round a bend, run across a zebra crossing – leaping to avoid a puddle that has collected by the kerb. My foot lands squarely in another. I am now wet through. Is there anything as liberating?

  31. This feels like walking into a long conversation on one of those old bulletin board chat rooms where you only know the guy who invited you.

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    The brand name I forgot.
    The jar got lost.
    Which made me think Francois Defrene could find himself without an art if they ever start using Araldite for pasting posters.

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